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Site update + front page

Postby Despondence » Wed Mar 08, 2006 9:52 pm

Is it just me, or has the html of the front page been messed up for quite some time? The columns seem to have suffered a mudslide below the news section header. [Update: seems to be a browser compliance problem, as it looks fine with both Firefox and Mozilla, but not with Safari. So this is probably Apple's fault, not Thilo's :) Any other Safari users out there can confirm this? I feel like I'm going paranoid, seeing things no one else sees..]

And speaking of news. Maybe an update of the front page is in order? "2004 - Golyadkin new moderator" looks rather old, doesn't it? Is Golyadkin still moderating, btw?

How about adding a little blurb on the front page for the benefit of the forum...."Join the community in the biggest Keats forum on the web / Discuss Keats's life and poetry / Submit your own poems / etc.."

I also think this site lacks a page with links to other Keats sites and related material, like other poets (there are some great Spenser, Shakespeare, Shelley etc pages out there), poetry resources in general, archives, essays etc. There are loads of this to go around, and could be helpful to people browsing into the forum looking for study material.

Also the Shop page could be updated with some fresh releases.

Just some ideas there; maybe others have more ideas for what they would like to see added to the site?
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Postby Saturn » Wed Mar 08, 2006 11:13 pm

I am unable to edit the front page so that is';t really my department but I agree with you - it is seriously in need of an update.

I'll send a message to Thilo and see if he is able to help in this matter.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention Despondence :D
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