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persistent icons; star, "edit", "Quotes", etc.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 12:56 pm
by steffen
Hello Saurn & Melia,
Could you clear up my doubts as to why the two poems (John Keats' Deathbed visions of Fanny Brawne" & Diary of an Immigrant) I have sent in still have the various editing indications on the top right-corner? Has it anything to do with dissatisfaction on the part of one or the other of the administrators? What does the star (although I think it must be positive) indicate in the icon on the left of the board? My entries seem to be among the very few that continue with these indication: warnings????, whatever do they might mean?
Thank you for your interest. I really enjoy visiting the site. It's fascinating in the extreme. By the way, do you find translations of poems desireable? And submitting the translated version of the poem in the original language? Mine seems to be the only one. I did submit it with the permission of the widow of the published poet - my wife's mother. -I have more-

Thank you for your help and congratulations on "Where's the Poet". Best wishes, -----Steffen

Re: persistent icons; star, "edit", "Quotes", etc.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:37 pm
by Saturn
The edit functions you see on your posts are perfectly normal Steffen, everyone has them, they are not particular to your own posts. They are there for your own use, or not, if you wish to change something you've written.

As regards the 'Where's the poet...' section, it is for work members have written themselves, but in the case of as you say translations, if the translation is your own work, then that is fine to post so go right ahead with that.

Hope this clears up your questions.