sensational site!!!

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sensational site!!!

Postby jamiano » Thu Jun 19, 2003 10:29 pm


This is a very informative site regarding the works of John Keats.
As a Keats, Shelley,Wordsworth admirer, I find your site especially
appealing in the manner people become attracted to poetic works. The natural world of the romantics appeals to many.The responses
on the site are refreshing and genuine.I hope to have internet access someday.Two ideas, internet links, and a forum for great verses, personal favorite verses from Keats' works.

"While her robes flaunted with the daffodils." Lamia

"Instead of sweets, his ample palate took
savor of poisonous brass and metal sick:"

"And as we show beyond that Heaven and Earth
In form and shape compact and beautiful,
In will, in action free, companionship,
And thousand other signs of purer life;" Hyperion

"The flower must drink the nature of the soil" To Spenser

I hope you have enjoyed my homage poem to Keats.The poem has many themes.It is a tribute to Keats' moments of creativity, rather than a deathbed poem as some have cited it to be.

Thank you for a great site.


Postby Foszohnes » Thu Aug 03, 2006 2:06 am

Too early...

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