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Keats research paper help

PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 3:55 pm
by K34T5
Hi everyone ... im new here and i need some help...

Im doing a research paper on Keats and I have to do it on a collection of poems, so I was thinking I would do it on his sonnets 1-17. I need to write about how this selection epitomizes the Romantic time period. I need to talk about his style and the theme of his sonents.

I have some toughts on the matter but for the most part I need some major help if you can help me post here..

(I didnt put the sonnets on here so I dont stretch the page if you want me to post them here tell me...)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 11:03 pm
by Saturn
I would need to know which sonnets in particular ie their names - Keats never put them into numbers like that so maybe they've been numbered in your textbook

PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 3:51 pm
by K34T5
I. To my Brother George
II. To * * * * * * [«Had I a mans's fair form»]
III. Written on the day that Mr. Leigh Hunt left Prison
IV. «How many bards gild the lapses of time!»
V. To a Friend who sent me some Roses
VI. To G. A. W. [Georgiana Augusta Wylie]
VII. O Solitude! if I must with thee dwell,
VIII. To my Brothers
IX. Keen, fitful gusts are whisp'ring here and there
X. To one who has been long in city pent
XI. On first looking into Chapmans's Homer
XII. On leaving some Friends at an early Hour
XIII. Addressed to Haydon
XIV. Addressed to the same
XV. On the Grasshopper an Cricket
XVI. To Kosciusko
XVII. «Happy is England!»

Its basically a big summary of a collection of poems so I chose these

PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 11:19 am
by Saturn
When does this need to be done for??

I may be able to help but that's a lot work and I amy not be able to find time to help you before the work is due :roll:

PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 3:29 pm
by K34T5
November 17th

besides this I still got a few page biography of him to write and some more stuff im workin on that right now biographies are easy to me.... hope yall can help .. thx (yall = im from texas) :lol:

Re: Keats research paper help

PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 4:37 am
by patricia39
I love the poem 'Ode to Autumn'! I really admired Keats poetical style! If you'll analyze it, you will be mesmerized and love the flow of the poem-it's very romantic and really great!

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Re: Keats research paper help

PostPosted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:07 pm
by Saturn
I think the student who posted this is long gone, five years is a bit long to wait for an answer :wink: