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R.I.P Edwin Morgan

PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2010 10:19 pm
by Saturn

Farewell to the great old Scottish poet Edwin Morgan

Here's one he wrote when he was but a strapping lad in breeches:

At Eighty

Push the boat out, compa├▒eros,

push the boat out, whatever the sea.

Who says we cannot guide ourselves

through the boiling reefs, black as they are,

the enemy of us all makes sure of it!

Mariners, keep good watch always

for that last passage of blue water

we have heard of and long to reach

(no matter if we cannot, no matter!)

in our eighty-year-old timbers

leaky and patched as they are but sweet

well seasoned with the scent of woods

long perished, serviceable still

in unarrested pungency

of salt and blistering sunlight. Out,

push it all out into the unknown!

Unknown is best, it beckons best,

like distant ships in mist, or bells

clanging ruthless from stormy buoys.