Caché (the movie, aka "Hidden")

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Caché (the movie, aka "Hidden")

Postby Despondence » Mon Feb 20, 2006 12:08 am

I did it again. Went to see another Haneke movie based solely upon the merits of a couple of actors (Auteuil being one of my favorite French actors). The rest of the party that I had convinced to join me for the movie are still not talking to me. Can't blame them, feel like I ruined their saturday night!

Honestly, did anybody get this one?

Consiering my previously sobering experiences with Code Inconnu and La Pianiste (both by Haneke also), you might think I'd learned to stay away from art house on saturday nights; still, somehow, I had high hopes for this one. Those hopes were dashed within three minutes of the film rolling. Oh well. I'd love to hear if anybody has nice things to say about this one, 'cause I couldn't think of any, yet I'd love to learn..

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