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Introduce Yourself - apologies I deleted the thread.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 9:34 am
by Saturn
I accidently delted this thread instead of a spam one, but I've managed to recover the posts so here's Richard:

Introduce yourself
Hello my name is Richard, at 50 (15 really) am I the oldest person to stumble into your web? By the way how do I get out of here?

I am married to Jacqueline, we have been together since the mid 70s. Our eldest daughter Alison is at Birmingham Uni, Katie lives locally. So these days it’s just the two of us, and three cats in Surrey.

From the top of our hill you can see St Paul’s Cathedral to the north and south to the Brighton Downs. It’s all SSSIs around here studded with AONBs, the diversity of flora and fauna is breathtaking. Keats wrote most of Endymion a few miles from here,

It was not till I started reading poetry to our kids that the penny dropped, I would often read long after they were asleep. Black Puss is especially fond of Stevie Smith now.

I feel a bit of an anachronism, flogging hippy stuff at shows and festivals. There are two types of successful retailer, con artists and those that do it for love. I have fallen out of love. So this winter instead of getting a shop and selling handknits, I will demonstrate (play with) and sell (fingers crossed) radio control models. My fourth childhood. Sorry to bang on about it but there are big issues here, like what do I want to do with my life…

Your site has renewed my appetite for Keats. Like a kid in a sweetie shop, grabbing an insight here, and there biting off great chunks of stanzas and chewing on the mouthfuls. Some are like old friends, not having changed at all. Others like La Belle Dame, which I always read as ‘Confessions of a Drugaddicted Fairyophile’ (where did that steed come from?) and This Living Hand, not just a lovers ultimatum, have deepened, and deepened.

Thanks be to your site


PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 9:34 am
by Saturn

Welcome to the forum, sir! I like your introduction because it helps me form a mental picture of you. I hope you enjoy the stay here. :D

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 9:35 am
by Saturn

Welcome, Richard :D
I hope you find a lot fo neat Keats info/confab to whet your appetite for him. :D

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 9:36 am
by Saturn

Welcome aboard the vinous, romantic poetry train, Richard. I like hearing from folks who have re-discovered an appetite for Keats--it makes me wonder about what it must be like to take a healthful respite from my obsession. *ahem* I prefer to call it a passion, thanks much.

I was again teased mightily today by my students about him--they ask repetitively, "Miss. He's dead. He is not coming back. What is it about him?"

I've taken to rolling my eyes and saying a rather mild curse word to redirect their focus--that way we're done with it and the day rolls onward for their resident, cooky English teacher.


PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 9:37 am
by Saturn
Credo Buffa:

Welcome, Richard! Great introduction. :D

I'm a bit like Denise in that I don't quite know what it would be like to "take a break" from Keats and rediscover him after being away for awhile. At the same time, though, that's the glory of poetry, isn't it? That it is an art that is continually renewing itself in us, and that we can read the same poem hundreds of times over our lives and it always feels a bit different than the last time.

It is also one of the gems of this forum. We all have our own ideas about Keats and his works, and by discussing them with each other, we gather up different interpretations and bits of information that helps us to read his work in new ways. I guess we could say that here on the forum, no matter if we haven't read Keats in years or if we daydream about him on a daily basis like Denise ( :P ), we are all in a continuous process of rediscovering Keats.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 9:39 am
by Saturn
My sincerest apologies once again Richard and everyone else - my mind is completely elsewhere :(

I can't edit it.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 10:09 am
by Richard
I have fallen out of love.

I think what I want to say is that love makes it all very easy.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 10:12 am
by Saturn

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 4:31 pm
by Credo Buffa
Do we all need to re-introduce ourselves now, Saturn?


PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 5:39 pm
by Malia
Saturn wrote:My sincerest apologies once again Richard and everyone else - my mind is completely elsewhere :(

No prob, Saturn. :)

It might be fun to re-introduce ourselves--it's been a while since I introduced myself--I have updates to report anyway, so I'm happy to do it again.

I'm Malia (if you hadn't already guessed ;) ) and I'm from Washington State. I've just begun taking classes for my Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership and I'm loving it--even though the reading is *endless*. I just recently took the Myers-Briggs personality inventory and I'm an ENFJ (that translates to Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging--this basically means that I'm most comfortable as an extrovert, I like big ideas rather than detailed facts, I'm most comfortable understanding my world through feeling rather than hard analysis and I like to organize, plan things and make lists). Anyone else out there take the Myers-Briggs and willing to share their personality profile? :)

I also like to bake and cook and have a vast collection of cookbooks. One of my favorite hobbies is tea and I like to put on and attend afternoon tea parties. Of course, I am a lover of Keats--but I must admit I'm more into his biography and philosophies than his poetry. . .though his poetry *is* amazing and I enjoy reading it aloud from time to time.

Re: I can't edit it.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 6:35 pm
by dks
Richard wrote:I have fallen out of love.

I think what I want to say is that love makes it all very easy.

I am intrigued to know what it is like to be out of love. I am in love every single day--perhaps not with the same thing/person, but it's always food.

Nevermind my opining, Richard. I'm the ridiculously hopeful romantic of the bunch here--I'm more than fairly certain I get the old eye roll after most forum-ites read my posts. It's ok. :shock: :lol:

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 7:47 pm
by Falina
Hmmm… I haven’t introduced myself before – so I somehow take this as an opportunity to do it now :) .

As I already wrote in another thread, I’m 23 years old, live in Augsburg (Germany) and study to become a primary school teacher. If one or two years ago anybody would have told me that I was to really like poetry today – I would never have believed it (or thought that the person saying this didn’t know me very well :wink: )! During my whole school time, I honestly hated analysing and interpreting poems. It may sound unfair, but I’m convinced that it was my teacher(s) who caused my dislike of poetry... But then, in my second term at university, I had to do a short talk on the “Ode to a Nightingale”. I had absolutely no idea what to expect of this; I have to admit that I had never really heard of Keats before... Astonishingly (it really was astonishing to me at this time :wink: ), the more I found out about Keats and the poem, the more I read and learned about it, the more I felt as if I understood what the author wanted to say. The ode fascinated me; so I read more and more poems, interpretations and biographies and began to love Keats’ work :D . After the term, I was so enthusiatic that I chose to write a term paper on “Mythology and Nature in John Keats’ Great Odes” (which my lecturer must have liked a lot, as I got a very good grade :wink: ). That was a year ago; today, I have three collections of Keats’ poems (and letters) at home; I could cry every time I read his biography (yes, I am a very sensitive person *lol*); I know the “Ode to a Nightingale” by heart; in every-day situations like taking a shower or something, verses or stanzas of Keats’ poems suddenly go through my mind (for no obvious reason :wink: ) and so on and so forth *lol*...

Even if she will never read this, I want to thank my university lecturer who “infected” me with the fascination and love for Romantic poetry! Nobody has ever done it before, and you achieved it so easily just by expressing your own enthusiasm about poets, poems and poetry in general! Thank you very very much :D !

What else could I write about myself? Like – I think – everybody else here, as far as I can remember :wink: , I love music; especially rock music. I also like reading books (Mary Shelley’s “Frankestein” at the moment), meeting my friends, caring for my pets, or just watching TV or a good film :) ...

Well, I believe that’s everything I wanted to say at the moment... Hope it wasn’t to much uninteresting detail :wink: !

PS: I’m really happy that I’ve found this forum! I think this is absolutely the right place to talk about Keats, to share opinions, feelings and emotions about his poems etc... Hardly anybody I know understands why I love Keats’ poetry so much :roll: ...

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 8:19 pm
by Digression_jim
Ok I know I am new but I can re-introduce myself a bit better than before.........

My name is Jim and I am 37 and divorced, I have been in relationship for three years but that has ended recently....

I live in Lapland and attend college on a Finnish language vocational course. I am also in the Middle of a TEFL English Language Teaching Course, and I teach privatly in my spare time. On the course I am doing at college I get to work as a teaching assistant so I get practice within a classroom.

I have had a love poetry for a while although I was into T.S. Eliott for along while, I am now moving more into the romantics and am reading Keats now.

I love music, mainly dance as I also DJ and used to run a night in London for Five years, I am a big movie fan and I love reading sci/fi....I am not a nerd.(well maybe just a little).... :)

Hope you are all well....Jim...

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 8:51 pm
by greymouse
This thread has been fun to read. :D I am a 29 year old guy. I'm a tall, skinny, gawky blonde person. I work in the CD/DVD industry. I majored in math at Central Michigan University. I have numerous all-consuming passions including chess, the Bible, music (piano and guitar), and poetry of course! Any time I'm doing one of these things, I am usually excited and deeply impressionable.

Anyone else out there take the Myers-Briggs and willing to share their personality profile?

Good idea. I am an INTJ, meaning Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging. With a massive leaning toward Introverted and closer in the other categories. I read an online description of INTJ's and they match me absolutely perfectly. INTJ's are:

- Definite, self-confident
- Leaning towards arrogance
- Know what they're good and bad at
- Only care about one thing: "Does it work?"
- Building systems, organized
- Severely critical of both self and others
- Bad at personal/romantic relationships
- Want people to make sense

Those all describe me very well. Also, I am a very happy person and have an endless luck streak. I really don't want to turn 30.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 9:34 pm
by Saturn
I am nothing, no-one, nowhere, no-man, nobody.