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Friendship poem

PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 2:02 am
by WoofLarsen
Big hugs for everybody!
Hello! I've been gone for a while - I blasted off to a different universe - but now I'm back! Yippee! Here's a poem! And here's to friendship!

Discussing the Philosophy of Baboon's Testicles with Thousands of Talking Lizards
A poem by Wolf Larsen
So we all began carving Charles Manson's face into everything - we carved Charles Manson's face into our own bodies we carved Charles Manson's face into our walls & our ceilings and we carved Charles Manson's face into our genitals & into our religions & into everything we could get our hands on - we all began ripping off our clothes and dancing naked on top of all the planets in the universe - we danced to Kaposi's sarcoma and we danced to giant elephants charging out of everyone's vaginas and we danced to all the spermatozoa racing around everywhere in the air... And now everyone is dissolving and losing their humanity and becoming lightning bugs laughing in the summer air...
copyright 2010 by Wolf Larsen

Once again a big hug for everybody! Cheers! Long live friendship and long live poetry!

Re: Friendship poem

PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 1:46 pm
by Fragment
Well, as humorous as I found the poem, I like it -- though I am a bit confused about the whole thing. Who's Charles Manson? D: Wait.. is he that serial killer?

(And I reported fghi471's post)