To Harmonize With The Sun

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To Harmonize With The Sun

Postby Fragment » Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:35 pm

To Harmonize With The Sun
G Collins, 2/27/2010

It took my spirit away
Chilled me to the bone

So I crawled up the hill of shining sunlight
And fetched back my soul and inner warmth

There was much to be noted
About the careless acts of tall trees
Overwhelming the sun into backing down
Taking refuge behind the hills
The mountains knew they hid the sun
They loved her and cared for her
Kept her safe, raised her well
Set her out each day to retrieve
Ounces of courage only to welcome
Her back every night so that
She may regain her strength

Our elders always told us not to stare at her
Because she would blind us with misfortune

Though one day as I watched her fall from the sky
As stars began to glow above me
My muse unveiled an inkling of thought

She was in a state of such misery
Her burning heart, her pensive mind
Restless, she would rise, cross the sky, and set
Every day to no avail
She knew of the Mountains' love for her
Yet, she wanted us to adore her as well

Thereafter, my resolve became clear. I soothed her with
Lullabies to brighten her vital spark
That would in the end keep us warm and smiling

I inked the verses dedicated to her beauty
And called them out to her

Strong, lovely light
For every summer

Gentle, lustrous light
For every winter

I thanked her and I told her, I love you
Lady Sunlight
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