A story written for me by my love

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A story written for me by my love

Postby ChildofWoz » Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:58 am

I apologize for the grammar and spelling errors, they are in too great a number to honestly think about fixing. I hope you enjoy it. I know I do.

a man was walking through the woods exploring nature, and getting closer to it

and as he was walking he came out into a medow with a stick hut in the middle and a fire out side of it

by the fire sat a naked woman singing and playing a small handmade drum

he aproached the woman asking who she was

she replied saying that she didnt have a name

he was surprised by this and asked why

she told him her parents didnt care enough to name her or feed her or care for her or give her an education, so when she was 10 she ran away

and that in the past 15 years she had only left a couple of times, and had learn to compleatly live by what she could make

it was getting dark so the man asked to stay in her hut, and she said she didnt mind it, so he layed down by the fire and talked to her untill they fell asleep

the next morning the man awoke covered in dew,cold and the woman was nowhere to be found

he began to panick and could feel he was getting sick

so he decided to attemp to light a fire to warm up, after many failed attemps he heard the same voice from before singing, he turned around to see her walking towards him with a bungle of random vegetation and a few rabbits she hunted

she boiled some water and made him a stew from the spoils, he told her he was feeling ill, and she told him to go inside and lay down in her cot

he quikly fell back asleep, and was awoken by the womans voice, which he was starting to find more and more angelic, she had made another soup that she said would help make him feel better, and he quietly sipped on it, and thanked her for the help

she asked what he was doing this far into the woods and he told her of his desire to connect more with nature, and how he wanted to get to know it and eventually live there

she told him that if he wanted, he could live with her, and she would teahc him how to survive

he said he would think about it once he felt better, and went back to bed

he woke many hours later to find it was pitch black, and the woman wasnt inside, but he could hear the crackling of a fire, he stepped outside and say her laying by the fire looking into the stars

he layed down next to her and asked what she was doing

and she said she was gazing at the constelations

she asked if he was hungry and he told her he was starving, so she made him more of the soup to try and make him feel better

after many hours laying under the stars, the woman said she was growing weary and if he wanted to join her in bed, but he said he couldnt sleep, he had already slept almost all day, so he sat by himself by the fire, trying to make his mind up, if he wanted to stay, he could already tell he was starting to bond with the woman

once the sun rose, so did the woman, she came out, and offered to wash the mans cloths, because he was getting dirty, he than said it was fine, and he would just ditch them, and live like she was

she asked if he was sure and he said he was, he had made his mind up he wanted to stay with her

she offered him a bath, and he agreed, so she brought him to the other side of the meddown, and through a small trail, to a river with a small water fall


he asked what he was to use as a soap, and she said that he didnt need one, that enought time under the fall would was away the filth

she brought him under it, and started singing again, he was started to fall in love with her beautiful voice, he attempted to sing with her, but was quikly discored by her chuckling

he asked if his voice was really that bad and she told him that with enough time he would get better, and that together they would have plenty of practice

after about an hour under the falls, she brought him to the shack, and started a small fire to dry out

once they were dried she decided it was time she taught him how to forage for food, she brought her through another path and showed her many different edible plants and berries, and how to set up traps to catch small animals

she than picked up a rock and showed her the best trees to scrape bark off, and began teaching him to weave

after his first failed basket, she decided it was time to go back and begin cooking

they made food and the woman asked if the man felt better, he said he was fine, except for a little clogging in his sinuses, she said he probly just caught a mild cold for sleaping outside

as the sun died down they went and got more food and wood, the woman decided to have a small feast and big fire to celebrate him moving in

as the night drew on and the fire died down, they layed together under the moon and stars

they talked the night away, and realised the moon was starting to lowar, so the woman asked if he would wish to sleep, and figured he must be exauhsted

he said yes and went inside, the woman said since she only had one cot that he could lay with her if he wished

he agreed, and they layed down, she was humming away and he quikly fell asleep

he woke in the early morning, and the woman was awake, but she was turned towards him, and she had a smile on her face, and he instantly fell in love with her perfect smile, she said in her beautiful voice, goodmorning, how are you? i dont think you ever told me your name

he told her his name and said he was feeling great

they went throught the day, practicing hunting, foraging, firemaking, basket weaving, and at night she tried teaching him to sing

they again went to bed together

this routine went on for a few months, and everymorning the man was taken away by the beautiful woman, laying next to him, and how perfect she was

he knew he was starting to fall in love with her

one morning he slept in and awoke and was startled, it was the first time the woman wasnt laying next to him when he awoke since he moved in

he went outside and check to river, and hunting trail

but couldnt find her

he began to panick, and worry, and went back, and started a small fire and cooked a small breakfast, he was getting more and more worried, he thought he lost her, it had been hours, and he was regreting never telling her how he felt

he was on the verge of tears, it was beggining to turn dark

and he heard that beautifu voice coming out of the woods

he say her emerge from a path they never took together, and she was draging a dear with a rope she made, and i huge bundle of firewood

she told him she had decided to surpise him becuase it had been 6 months since he moved in

he fell down at her knees, and wept

and told her how much he had worried

and missed her

and he told her he had something to tell her

she told him to wait a little, she needed to cook the deer fast before it rotted

so they made a huge fire, and roasted the deer

they layed down and gazed at the stars as for usual

she than asked what he had wanted to tell him earlier, he told her that ever since he moved in, he was falling for her, and everyday he was taken away by her perfection, and beauty, and he had fallen in love with her

she began to tear up, and wrapped her arms around him

she was weaping so hard

he asked what was wrong

and she told him that in her whole life, noone had ever loved her, and noone had been so perfect for her, and she felt the same for him, and was so glad he had decided to move in

she leaned over and kissed him once on the cheek

he than kissed her cheek

than he kissed her lips, and hugged her

and they sat there cuddling watching the stars

they finally went to bed, but this time they were in eachother arms, and telling eachother how perfect they were for them

the next day, they decided to have a makeshift veremony to celebrate there love


that night, she told him, that she always wanted to have a child, that she wanted to be able to be a great mother, one that she never had, and said the man would make an amazing father

and he asked if she wished to have a child now

she said yes, she had wanted one for so long, she couldnt wait

that night, they made sweet love by the fire, and fell asleep in eachother arms again

9 months later the woman awoke in pain, and thought she was going into labor, the man carried her to the river, and after a long day, of pain, and waiting, she finally gave bith o the most beautiful baby either of them had ever seen

they decided to name him after lightning, and brought him back to the hut, and the raised him, and watched him grow

one day, the man asked, if he and the son had a name, that she needed one to, so they decided on a name that they both liked

years later, when the boy was 8

the man woke the boy up a few hours early and wanted to show him something very special

he broguht him through a long trail, they came out to a small clearing, with a huge magestic, 100's of year old trees, he told the boy that the day after they decided to have him, the woman had brought him to this tree

the boy asked why it was so special, and he brought him to the other side

and carved into the bark, very deeply and big so it would never fade

it said

"Evie and robert, forever and always in true love, our love will burn forever just as the suns will always burn"

the end
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