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Postby WolfLarsen » Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:19 am

Throw Your Sweetness into the Pan – and Cook All Your Emotions Until There’s Earthquakes Re-arranging Your Head
A poem by Wolf Larsen
The poem wants to be every sky that the human race has ever touched, the poem wants to be your ecstasy, I build and build the world all over the poem – I put history into a syringe and I inject you with history and then you thrash into the music and you swim inside of a song and you become all the sunlight and plants and animals all around you – you become atoms drifting away from each other you become millions of colliding things in this moment of sunlight and rain and tranquility and chaos fighting all over the earth – everything is this fanatical right now – and the phrase of poetry is a baseball bat bashing imagery and poetry into your head over and over again and the poem becomes all the eyes and emotions and thoughts of people throughout history spilling across every line of poetry and the poem touches the human race and smiles upon their upward struggle towards progress and greatness this poem is the human race rebuilding the cities after war this poem is the brain of the scientist bursting and colliding and erupting towards a cure for AIDS and the Poet strangles the rulers of the earth one by one and throws their corpses unto a pile of garbage and then a stream of wonder and brilliance baths the human race in its own greatness
Copyright 2006 by Wolf Larsen
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