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21st Century Neo-Romantic Poet

PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 6:43 pm
by WolfLarsen
Adverbs & Adjectives Drinking North America Up A Zoom!
A poem by Wolf Larsen
You are adverbs & adjectives all frolicking in the boiling pot of a poem together and the poem is made out of cities & wars all built with the Poet’s semen and the insanity is oozing from every sidewalk & streetcorner and the birds flyyyyyyyy across the poem (the poem streeetches across millions of years of time) – syphilis! – and happy avalanches! Happy bing-bang-whoop!! (This poem is a collision & a scattering!) And now you're infected by the poem the poem is running & running across the days & months & years like a horde of crack addicts clawing the sun into pieces – and we build your life into bashing rioting sculptures and the sculptures express your life they express your feelings of slashing-invading-verbs and your lips walk across her mocha brown skin that’s as delicious as whiskey and we discover a wonderful homosexuality leaping out of every object in the world – smoke a bowl of yesterdays! – and the news is scre!aming with approaching mushroom clouds that wait for the end of the Human Race and the poem…
Copyright 2007 by Wolf Larsen

Re: 21st Century Neo-Romantic Poet

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:30 am
by karoleema
Books where the romance between the guy and girl is reversed? Like the guy is the more submissive one in the relationship and the girl is more dominating. It has to be young adult. It doesn't really need to be a romance book, it just needs to have that kind of relationship.