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Postby Saturn » Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:01 pm


You've withdrawn
That invitation,
Excluding me
From swinging
Feet under table.

Sullen, and bitter,
My hands thrust
In cold pockets I
Walk the streets,
Try to imagine you

At my wayside,
Half-way smiling,
A profile of such
Blinding beauty
I stumble, and

Pinch my sides
And wonder what
Devil concocted
A face quite as fair,
And heart as cold.

If I'm left to stand,
Outside, winterlong
While your fireside
Burns with chatter
I'll die of neglect.
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Re: Winterlong

Postby marwood » Sat Sep 17, 2011 12:13 pm

good work Saturn. I also enjoyed rose and the thorn, as I read your poem the troubles in
Libya came to mind. The human race eh?

Take care. Marwood.
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