Standing Beside My Windowpane

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Standing Beside My Windowpane

Postby gstormcrow » Sat Dec 03, 2011 10:00 am

Standing beside my windowpane
Makes me think I’ve gone insane
Echoes of the world in bloom
Hit me like a sonic boom

Walking down the street I see
A brown-haired girl looking at me
She takes me to her secret place
To tell me I’m a basket case

But she didn’t see that subtle madness
Helped me through my times of sadness
She only saw what she wanted to see
At least, that’s how it seemed to me

“I’ll ask no quarter or even dime
So please don’t waste your precious time
Mine is spent – I’m moving on”
Got you’re number but think it’s wrong

Stepping into the twilight zone
A crowded mind is left alone
Distant eyes pierce with a gleam
Waves of echoes in silent scream

The proud, young king will be crowned
While his lovely maiden’s slowly drowned
Her dowry spent on the castle’s keep
Runs to the edge for rampart’s leap

The kingdom falls to foreign hands
Broken by the warring clans
Alliances made but traitors born
Who sold their halos for a horn

Forward on, not much has changed
Even though it seems deranged
The ever-mounting waves of gloom
Return again the tramp of doom

So there, beside my windowpane,
I think we might be all insane
To live and die for greed and hate
Or hope for love that’s not too late

PS Almost all of my "poems" are original songs I've written with accompanying music. Therefore, it is my sincere hope that you'll either enjoy or forgive my frequent use of rhyme and meter. Either way, please feel free to reply with your comments and suggestions as all are welcome and appreciated. Cheers! :D
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