Roman columns

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Roman columns

Postby Saturn » Sat Jun 21, 2008 7:54 pm

I've been re-reading some Shelley recently and those familiar with his work may detect some of his influence in the following.

Roman columns

Forests of stone, ivory-white, smooth
Trunks of elegance sheltered heads
And blazoned the glory of emperors
As they rode in majestic indifference,
Triumphant in their grand seclusion.

Porphyry clad palaces and emerald
Encrusted jewels shone with rude
Mockery at starving millions' mouths,
While populations went to sword
Stricken by ignorance and slavery.

Yet vastness engulfed them whole
Those tyrants, despots, murderers
Were undone by the lithe serpent
Of envy, whose beady eyes gorged
In a mouthful centuries of greed.

The Roman columns are left us,
Lone pines in weed-strewn ruin
Headless some, toppled more
As a memory of cowed nations
And a continent bound in chains.
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