Some poems.

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Some poems.

Postby SnuggleKeats » Wed Oct 08, 2008 8:15 pm

To -- and --

To the perfect couple that never was,
I say this: squander no more time in thought
alone, not when misery holds a love
for company. True, it may be for nought
but self-deceiving hearts too quickly fall
to a jaded, hollow-chested decay.
If you cannot share everything and all,
find comfort in the coming of the day
upon which yearning eyes shall meet again
and comity is made of common grief.
If your lips cannot to sweet kisses bend,
at least in confession find some relief.
Sit not idle in self-restrained desire
but fain allow your heart its wistful fire.

Ode to Portage Park

Time-honored home of nigh a century,
here do I locate peace not simply found;
the raiment of the trees is all I see,
Nature's green tegument the only ground.
Soft grass, my friend in sunlit somnolence
is the verdant pillow to soothe my aches.
I am born again, a summer-kissed girl
and on days of unrivalled indolence
my inner child, laughing, springs awake
and together we feed the scamp'ring squirrels.

On Summer's final evanescent nights
I wander through the ethereal fog,
rejoicing in the charm of misty lights,
smitten with each passing songbird and dog.
For whom does your staid, slender Willow weep?
Not I, even upon the darkest days
for I come to her with my plaintive sigh.
She listens and in night-tones ever sweet
tells of bright, new pleasures at which to gaze:
rows of roses that bring to mind Versailles.

And when Autumn's chilled hand caresses all,
I will sit and sketch the untainted grace
of the September-hued leaves as they fall.
Day by day with bright eyes and upturned face
I will welcome Winter's bleak vehemence
and place myself beneath the breath of snow
without too much mourning for Summer's end.
Portage Park, you are in your timelessness
Nature's prime servitor, with whom I slow
and wait, assured, for Spring to come again.

Two Seasons

At about one PM the sun hits the balcony,
making the ashes of October
look like a cigarette in July.
A new brand of peace is found here,
far above the merciful river
where I can see New York in the Chicago skyline.
Four new kinds of light come through
where once the rising smoke
acted as a guard against any form of truth.
But here, I swear I see Central Park
just to the right of the lake,
and feel with the coming of the sun
two cities, two seasons in one.

For David

I wandered out today expecting revelations,
inspecting every situation
that crashed into my path,
all the while ignoring every reservation,
praying for a fresh adoration
to dispel my wrath.

By chance, lost in history's best
I found you among the family crests
that hung upon the indifferent wall.
I doubt that you were much impressed
and I had to meander away lest
I too long from poetry stall.

But even still 'neath the stained glass
I could think of nothing but what little passed
between us in our meeting.
Lost amidst the gold and brass,
I thought of your silken voice, alas!
Would this were not fleeting!
"Ink runs from the corners of my mouth.
There is no happiness like mine.
I have been eating poetry."
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Re: Some poems.

Postby Saturn » Thu Oct 09, 2008 11:02 pm

These are all excellent, I like the first particularly very much.
"Oh what a misery it is to have an intellect in splints".
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