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Postby SidewalkProphet » Wed Nov 05, 2008 5:58 pm

Seek not this child
She is lost
A tiny shadow amidst the swarm of life
No cries to hear
No hand to hold
Too far gone.
Seek not this child.
Her time has come
The spirit lays where the shadows fall
No pain to feel
No fear to hide
Free and gone
Seek not this child
She needs no more
Her candles light is blown away
No voice to tell
No eyes to plead
Finally gone.
Seek not this child.
Her book is closed
But see this child
was not alone.
Seek broken smiles
and fearful eyes
Seek hidden marks
and well told lies
Seek those who's stories yet to end
Save those who's lives we still can mend.
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