This Year...

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This Year...

Postby SidewalkProphet » Wed Dec 31, 2008 5:40 pm

This Year

This year is drawing to a close
A new one waits to rise
And so I look back on this year
With quiet reflective eyes
It started for me long ago
More than a year it seems
When I was with my Swedish beau
And full of hopes and dreams
But t’was not love that we were in
And so we chose to part
And so my new year did begin
With a bruised and wounded heart
I thought I was unlovable
And doomed to be alone
Then someone shone above them all
And seeds of hope were sewn
A light, a smile so fair and true
A soul, so soft and tender
My heart was lost to that warm smile
My soul quick to surrender
So I set out to win this prize
I went a bit doolally
But I was lost in Irish eyes
And didn’t want to dally
The more I learnt the more I fell
The more I wished to know
The more I tried to cast my spell
And make this boy my beau
I knew that I had found the one
With which I longed to be
But could I make him see what fun
Would come with loving me?
We talked and laughed and soon at last
Our spirits understood
That what we had was something vast
And meet at last we should.
With nervous heart and flutterbies
I waited for his plane
And at first sight those butterflies
They seemed to go insane
The moment that I took his hand
I felt that jolt of joy
My very soul did understand
That he was now my boy
And so the greatest lovers tale
Since Romeo met Jules
Began with two hearts shy and frail
Owned by two silly fools
Yet still this love unending
It overcomes all fear
And so great thanks I’m sending
To The One who made This Year.
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